Pets like Red-e, Daisy, and Sherbet need your help to feed and shelter them until they can find their Forever Family.  We can’t do it alone: your support makes sure all animals in Algona, Bonney Lake, Edgewood, Milton, Pacific, Puyallup and Sumner get the care they need.

KittensHow to Help

  • License your own pets: your modest license fees help fund this program.
  • Donate: your tax-deductible gift directly helps connect lost pets to their Forever Family.
    Donate online via PayPal (below) or send in a donation with this Donation form (PDF)
  • Donate your time to help care for the pets currently residing at our shelter.
  • Donate items to help care for the pets.  We’re especially in need of dog and cat food!

Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

It’s never a good idea to give a pet as a gift (that might be too much of a surprise!), but if you need a gift for a pet lover, we can help!  Some parents are hosting children’s parties that involve gifts to Metro Animal instead of traditional gifts.  Then, the parents coordinate with us to include a visit to the shelter as part of the party.

Or, if you need to give a gift to a pet lover, consider donating to Metro Animal Services in his or her name.  With your one donation, you give a gift to your friend, a local cat or dog, and that pet’s future family.

Want Other Ideas?

If you’d like to check about any current needs that you may be able to provide, call us at 253-299-PETS (7387) or e-mail us at