If Your Pet Is Lost

  1. Don’t panic.  If your pet has a license or microchip, you have a very good chance of being reunited.
  2. Call our shelter at 253-299-PETS(7387).  If your pet was lost outside one of our cities, call that location’s animal control. Remember, your pet can get far on foot and doesn’t know city limits! Click here to link to Pierce County Pets, a site that helps you quickly contact neighboring animal control jurisdictions and humane societies.  You may want to also call local vets!
  3. After calling, you can try the following:
  • Search a 20-block area around the site where your pet was lost.
  • Call your pet’s name loud and often.  Be sure to listen afterward for a bark or meow or any indication that your pet is trapped somewhere.
  • Descriptions can be hard to tell with pets–you may want to visit our shelter or neighboring shelters to make sure in person that your pet is not there. See above for links to the websites of neighboring shelters.

If You Have Found a Pet

If you spot a loose animal with no owner in sight, call our shelter at 253-299-PETS(7387) option 3, and give a description as best you can of the animal and where it is heading.  Be careful about approaching strange animals yourself.

If You Have Found a Wild Animal

Call our shelter at 253-299-PETS or 911.  Do not approach wild animals and keep all children and pets safely away from them.