Metro Animal Services runs on a tight budget, so there are services for which we must charge fees to cover our costs.

Impound Fees  (Licensing and late fees may apply)

First time


Second time


Third or more times


Vaccination Fee


Livestock 1-75lbs

 Livestock >75lbs $150.00

Daily Boarding dog/cat

$20/day (including first and last day in custody) – This is for impounds:  we do not provide  the service of boarding for animals whose owners are on vacation etc.

Other Fees

Owner surrender — more about surrendering a pet

$50 for dog/cat
$10 per kitten/puppy under 6 months of age. ($100 any age dog/cat for Out of Service Area Residents)

Euthanasia request

$50  ($100 for Out of Service Area Residents) + $.50/per pound  **Call ahead first**

Trap rental

$25 per week + $25 refundable deposit



 Permit Inspection  $75