Metro Animal Services runs on a tight budget, so there are services for which we must charge fees to cover our costs.

(Fees in parenthesis are good through 2018)

Impound Fees

First time

($40.00)  $45.00

Second time

($80.00)  $90.00

Third or more times

($110.00)  $135.00

Livestock <75 lbs

Livestock >75 lbs


Kennel Fees

Boarding dog/cat

$15/day (including first and last day in custody) – This is for impounds:  we do not provide  the service of boarding for animals whose owners are on vacation etc.

Other Fees

Owner surrender — more about surrendering a pet

($45) $50 for dog/cat ($75 for Out of Service Area Residents)
$10 per kitten/puppy under 6 months of age

Euthanasia request

($45) $50  ($75 for Out of Service Area) + $.50/per pound  **Call ahead first**

Trap rental

$25 per week + $25 refundable deposit


($30) $35

 Permit Inspection  $75